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By Ashwin Jacob

April 21, 2020

One of the highlights of my life has been sharing what I learn with the people I care with. Thanks to social media and my podcast New Hollywood, my ability to do that has hit new levels. I wanted to include a blog on my site so I can continuously share recommendations on products, services, practices, and tips that I have had personally found value you in with my community. Over the next couple of months, I will be seeking other thought leaders to help share from their experiences with you all too.

After reflecting on what would be a good piece of advice to initially share with you all. I came to the realization that building a quality website to match what I do. I previously had custom coded sites where I worked with developers and developers to build out. This was a process that cost me as little as 3k or upwards of 20k per website. Which more often incurred additional costs for modifications. I attempted to build out sites on click and drop sites like Wix and Webflow but did not really find the sites to be up to par. Webflow took a lot of time and didn’t really work until I got help from both coders and designers.

After hours of research and self-reflection on what I wanted to accomplish. I identified that I wanted to provide a little about my story, what it is that I generally do, and share tips and advice on a regular basis. I settled on utilizing WordPress Business & Thrive Themes. I will share more details as I continue to process. But I think that combination will get you on your way to having a great site yourself.


Peace & Blessings,

Ashwin Jacob

Ashwin Jacob

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